When Is Arsenal Third Kit Released?

Will Arsenal have a third kit?

ARSENAL have released their new third kit for the 2021-22 season which has been inspired by the blue away strips from the mid-1990s. “The 2021/2022 Arsenal third kit is for a whole new generation of Gunners to enjoy, and we hope the fans will really like it.”

What date is the new Arsenal kit out?

The Gunners released their away kit as the first of their latest strips on May 18, with the banana-yellow number available for purchase beginning May 21. The shirt is a nod to the club’s 50th anniversary of winning the double in 1971 and sports a throwback, retro nod to yesteryear.

What is Arsenal third kit?

The Arsenal 21-22 third kit is inspired by the iconic ‘Blue Lightning’ kits produced by Nike in the 1990s and will be worn for the first time in the 2021-22 Premier League opener away to Brentford on Friday.

Which Arsenal kit is best?

Ranking Arsenal’s 10 Best Home Kits of All Time

  1. Nike (1994 – 1996)
  2. Invincibles (2002 – 2004)
  3. Adidas’ Farewell (1992 – 1994)
  4. Highbury’s Redcurrant Farewell (2005 – 2006)
  5. Adidas (1988 – 1990)
  6. Dreamy Dreamcast (2000 – 2002)
  7. Nike’s Farewell (2012 – 2014)
  8. Classic Red & White (1969 – 1978)

What Colour is Arsenal 3rd kit?

The Adidas Arsenal FC 2020-2021 third shirt is mainly dark navy, combined with striking light orange applications. The official color combo is ‘ Legend Marine / Light Flash Orange ‘.

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What is a third kit in football?

A third jersey, alternate jersey, third kit, third sweater or alternate uniform is a jersey or uniform that a sports team can wear instead of its home outfit or its away outfit during games, often when the colors of two competing teams’ other uniforms are too similar to contrast easily.

What Colours do Arsenal wear?

Arsenal logo colors are red, dark red, blue, gold, and white.

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