Readers ask: Why Arsenal Fans Hate Van Persie?

Why did Van Persie leave Arsenal?

“I sold him to Manchester United. The supporters were angry with me for this but we could not match the offer. “I managed to negotiate his departure for £24million, which was a huge amount at the time for a player with a year left on his contract. I had only the interest of the club in mind.

Does Van Persie support Arsenal?

With only one year remaining of his contract, Van Persie was in negotiations with Arsenal about an extension for several months in 2009. Finally, it was announced in July that he had signed a new long-term contract with his club, stating, “My heart is with Arsenal and I just can’t picture myself in a different shirt.”

Is Robin van Persie retired?

Former Netherlands international Robin van Persie made headlines back in 2012 after he decided to leave Arsenal to join arch-rivals Manchester United.

What is Robin van Persie doing now?

Robin van Persie: Former Man Utd and Arsenal striker becomes Feyenoord U16 assistant manager – The Athletic.

Is Robin van Persie a legend?

He is an absolute legend, you know. Thirteen Premier League titles! “He was such a classy player and a fantastic guy,” Robin continues. “He was one of the players as well who really triggered me to give my absolute best in every single training session.

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Is Robin van Persie in FIFA 21?

Now, the legendary forward to be playable within FIFA’s Ultimate Team mode, in which you can build squads of current and retired icons of the game. The introduction of van Persie – along with former United teammate Wayne Rooney – into the game follows David Beckham’s addition to FIFA 21. 5

Did Van Persie won Golden Boot in Arsenal?

“Van Persie wins Premier League Golden Boot ( 1992–2012 Golden Boot Award winners list)”. Arsenal FC. 14 May 2012.

What age is Robin van Persie?

Robin van Persie is still only 37 years of age. Born in Rotterdam, the six foot striker played for just four clubs: Feyenoord, Arsenal, Manchester United and Fenerbahçe. A prolific forward, in an 18-year career he scored 272 times in 593 games at club level and is Holland’s top scorer with 50 in 102 internationals.

Who is Van Persie son?

Shaqueel van Persie

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