Readers ask: Test Cricketer Who Played For Arsenal?

Did Leslie Compton play football for England?

Leslie Harry Compton (12 September 1912 – 27 December 1984) was an English sportsman who played football and cricket for Arsenal and Middlesex, respectively.

Did Denis Compton play for Arsenal?

He joined Arsenal as a 14-year-old amateur in 1932 and became a regular on the wing in the junior sides. Compton scored on his League debut against Derby in September 1936. Despite being stationed in India, Compton played 120 war-time games for the club, scoring 74 goals.

Is Nick Compton related to Dennis Compton?

Nicholas Richard Denis Compton (born 26 June 1983) is a South African-born English former Test and first-class cricketer who most recently played for Middlesex County Cricket Club. The grandson of Denis Compton, he represented England in 16 Test matches.

Where was Brian Close born?

Sir Isaac Vivian Alexander Richards, KNH, OBE (born 7 March 1952) is an Antiguan retired cricketer who represented the West Indies at Test and international levels.

Who took 19 wickets in a Test match?

On This Day in 1956: When Jim Laker Took his 19th Wicket in a Single Test Match Against Australia. Laker’s 19th wicket of the match came on the final day i.e July 31, 1956, when he wrapped up the wicketkeeper Len Maddocks on the pads.

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Who is Dennis cricket?

Dennis Freedman is an Australian cricket journalist and host of the popular Can’t Bowl Can’t Throw cricket podcast and is a regular contributor to Dawn.

What is Nick Compton doing now?

What is Nick doing now? “I’ve been doing some commentating work on things like the CPL, which was a great experience. I’m also an ambassador for Middlesex. “I’ve been out to America quite a lot and doing some coaching over there.

Where is Nick Compton now?

Durban, South Africa

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