Readers ask: How Much Are Arsenal Shares Worth?

Does Arsenal have a stock?

Only 62,217 shares in Arsenal have been issued, and they are not traded on a public exchange such as the FTSE or AIM; instead, they are traded relatively infrequently on NEX Exchange (AFC), a specialist market. The 2011 takeover bid by Stan Kroenke puts the club’s market capitalisation value at £731m.

Who owns Arsenal now?

Previously Josh had stated at a fractious fan forum that his father was not intending to sell Arsenal, who he secured full ownership of in 2019 in a deal that valued the club at $2billion.

How much is Tottenham worth?

In 2019, Tottenham Hotspur had a brand value of USD 850 million.

Which football club can I buy shares in?

Currently, only one team from the English leagues is listed on the stock exchange for public trading: Manchester United. Arsenal shares are listed on a specialist exchange and are hard to get.

Who owns the Premier League?

The Premier League is a private company wholly owned by its 20 Member Clubs who make up the League at any one time. Each individual club is independent, working within the rules of football, as defined by the Premier League, The FA, UEFA and FIFA, as well as being subject to English and European law.

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How do I buy Real Madrid stock?

Real Madrid are not publicly traded and they do not have stocks available to buy by the general public. Instead, the club is privately owned and financially supported by its 100,000 members.

How rich are the Arsenal owners?

One of England’s top teams, Arsenal is owned by Stanley Kroenke, who built a fortune in real estate —much of it shopping plazas near Walmart stores, and is worth $8.2 billion, according to Forbes. Kroenke oversees a sports empire that includes numerous American teams like the Los Angeles Rams and Denver Nuggets.

Who is buying Arsenal FC?

Arsenal takeover: Thierry Henry confirms Spotify owner Daniel Ek has ‘reached out’ to Kroenke family | Football News | Sky Sports.

What is Stan Kroenke net worth?

“We remain 100% committed to Arsenal *and are not selling* any stake in the Club. We have not received any offer and we will not entertain any offer. “Our ambition for Arsenal remains to compete to win the biggest trophies in the game and our focus remains on improving our competitiveness on the pitch to achieve this.”

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