Quick Answer: What Position Does Sanchez Play For Arsenal?

Did Sanchez play for Arsenal?

He played for three-and-a-half seasons for Arsenal, scoring 60 goals in 122 Premier League games. He has played more than 100 times for Chile and is currently on loan at Inter Milan. Man United have offloaded a number of big names under Solskjaer in his bid to reboot the squad.

How old is Alexis Sanchez?

Spanish (Sánchez): patronymic from the personal name Sancho.

Why did Alexis Sanchez leave Arsenal?

Alexis Sanchez has issued an extraordinarily honest assessment of his time at Manchester United, suggesting a poor atmosphere around the club made him want to leave immediately and was partly to blame for his woes.

How old is Lukaku?

28 years (May 13, 1993)

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