Quick Answer: How Old Was Ian Wright When He Joined Arsenal?

How old was Ian Wright when he started playing football?

Ian Wright receives his Hall Of Fame award from Alan Ball in 2005. A latecomer to professional football, Wright signed his first contract with Crystal Palace when he was 21, having all but given up on a career as a professional.

Where did Ian Wright go to school?

Ian Wright has been married twice. He married his first wife, Deborah, in Mauritius in 1993. The former couple met when they were children, and in 2008 Deborah told the Daily Mail how Ian had swept her off her feet, saying she used to refer to him as her “Knight in Shining Armour”.

Is Bradley Wright Phillips adopted?

Wright-Phillips is the son of former England international Ian Wright, who adopted him at the age of three. His younger brother, Bradley Wright-Phillips, is also a professional footballer and the all-time top scorer for the New York Red Bulls.

How tall is Ian Wright in feet?

Shearer, 50, the former England captain, earned £390,000-394,999, down from £440,000-444,999, while Wright, the 56-year-old former Arsenal striker, dropped below the £150,000 mark having earned £205,000-209,999 in 2018-19.

Who was Ian Wrights real dad?

Ian Wright married his wife Nancy Hallam in 2011. The footballer, who is in the I’m A Celebrity jungle revealed to his campmates that she “mugged him off” when they met.

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Who does Ian Wright work for?

A regular on the radio since 2008, Wright has also worked on talkSport and is currently a co-host on Absolute Radio’s Rock N Roll Football and BBC Radio 5’s popular 606 football phone-in programme.

How tall is Ian Wright?

Wright-Phillips made 29 appearances in all competitions during the 2019 season: 24 in Major League Soccer, four in the CONCACAF Champions League and one in the MLS Cup Playoffs. He left the Red Bulls in November 2019 on the expiry of his contract, after six years with the club.

Is Ian Wright’s son adopted?

Outside of his marriages, he has another son named Brett and a daughter named Coco, who he supports. He is also the father of professional footballers Bradley and Shaun Wright, although Shaun is adopted.

How old is Wright Phillips?

39 years (October 25, 1981)

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