Question: Who Is Dt Arsenal?

What is DT real name?

Daniel Turner (born: January 29, 1979 (1979-01-29) [age 42]), better known online as Mr DT or DT, is an English DJ and YouTuber.

What does Mr DT stand for?

Acronym. Definition. MRDT. Mortality Rate Doubling Time (aging populations)

Who is Troopz?

Who is Troopz? Troopz, whose first name is Ross, is a YouTuber and media personality. He rose to fame for making content about Arsenal FC. Troopz launched his YouTube channel in 2016 and since then he has gained 161k dedicated subscribers.

What is Troopz full name?

His real name is Aumar Hamilton and he is from the United Kingdom.

Does Aftv pay DT?

It isn’t entirely known what AFTV does pay the likes of DT and Ty, but we do know that they get some form of remuneration. A few years ago, at an end of season event, DT said that “the money” attracted him to partake in the channel – hinting that the contributors are paid.

Why is DT not on Aftv anymore?

As some of you are aware, I have been dealing with some personal issues in my life. I have decided to stop all filming until I am in a better place. Thank you to everyone who has left messages of support, I will be back.

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What is DT net worth?

But Forbes calculates that his current net worth is actually $3.5 billion.

How old is DTAY?

Dante Williams (born: February 4, 1998 (1998-02-04) [ age 23 ]), better known online as Dtay Known, is an American YouTuber and Famous Tiktok Star known for his skits and parodies.

How much does Robbie Lyle earn?

Formerly a BBC reggae radio host and surveyor, he quit his job to work on the YouTube channel full-time. In November 2017, it was estimated that he earns around £400,000 a year from ArsenalFan TV but this net worth could be more due to his new Channel 4 show.

What is Troopz doing now?

Author: Daniel Feliciano | Tuesday 8th September 2020 But Troopz announced on his own YouTube channel, TroopzTV, that he is leaving AFTV immediately and will be moving to New York to take up a role with Barstool Sports.

Does Arsenal fan TV make money?

AFTV’s income is a mix of Google Ad revenue, sponsorship deals and merchandise sales. But, as Lyle explains, the money didn’t suddenly start rolling in, even when the views started to go through the roof.

Who is Troopz barstool?

Who is Troopz, anyway? Troopz is a YouTuber whose real name is actually Ross. He’s been working on expanding his YouTube channel and content since 2016. All that work in four years has netted him nearly 200k subscribers.

Who is Robbie Lyle?

Robbie Lyle, aka Don Robbie, the founder of Arsenal Fan TV, has become an online viral sensation and a meme of his own. But how did someone go from taking a camera outside the Emirates Stadium interviewing disgruntled Arsenal fans for AFTV to getting 1.083 billion YouTube views and 1.5 million subscribers?

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