Question: What Happened To Bully Arsenal Fan Tv?

Why did troops leave Arsenal fan TV?

In August 2018, ArsenalFanTV were forced to change their name to AFTV following discussions with Arsenal regarding the channel breaching Arsenal’s copyright by using the term “Arsenal” without authorisation which had a negative effect on the club.

What happened to Arsenal Fan TV Claude?

Callegari died on 29 March 2021, aged 58. The former Arsenal player Ian Wright paid tribute to him as did Arsenal. His family later confirmed he died of natural causes. He was cremated in May 2021, and his ashes were interred in Italy, alongside his mother, who died in 2009.

Do Arsenal fans hate AFTV?

The Gunners for quite some time have been the subject of mockery from rival fans and the channel, now known as AFTV, are largely to blame for that. The channel’s immense negativity, over the top and hugely immature reactions have left many fans fuming with how our club has been portrayed.

Is Robbie Lyle A Millionaire?

HE is the creator and presenter of ArsenalFan TV which he started in October 2012. In November 2017, it was estimated that he earns around £400,000 a year from ArsenalFan TV but this net worth could be more due to his new Channel 4 show.

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What does DT do for a living?

Daniel Turner (born: January 29, 1979 (1979-01-29) [age 42]), better known online as Mr DT or DT, is an English DJ and YouTuber.

How has Claude died?

Claude Callegari’s family confirmed that the Arsenal fan died of natural causes. And in a statement posted to the AFTV Twitter page, his family confirmed that he passed away from natural causes relating to his health.

What killed Claude?

A 2003 online survey found that Arsenal supporters most dislike Tottenham, followed by Manchester United and Chelsea, although both Chelsea and Spurs fans see Arsenal as their main rival.

How much does AFTV earn a month?

Compared to the average wage of £200,000 a month for Premier League footballers, the research predicts that Arsenal Fan TV (AFTV), which has 1.1 million subscribers, earns $357,039 a month.

How much is AFTV worth?

How much is AFTV net worth? According to stats gathered by, AFTV is worth $1.7million as of January 2021. That shouldn’t come as a surprise given that the fan channel has received more views on YouTube than Arsenal’s official channel on the platform.

What is DT net worth?

But Forbes calculates that his current net worth is actually $3.5 billion.

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