Question: How To Draw The Arsenal Badge?

What is the symbol of Arsenal?

The hexagonal Art Deco “A-football-C” symbol has been synonymous with Arsenal Football club since the 1930’s and still appears today on scarves, badges and mugs in the club shop; but what do we know about the history and design of this stylish Art Deco symbol?

What was Arsenal’s original name?

Juventus had used its existing logo since 2004. Almost all of the club’s previous logos, dating back to 1905, had featured an oval crest enclosing black stripes and an animal rearing up on its hind legs. The bull had been the animal of choice since 1990. Before that it was a zebra.

What was Arsenal’s old ground called?

Arsenal Stadium was a football stadium in Highbury, London, which was the home of Arsenal Football Club between 6 September 1913 and 7 May 2006. It was popularly known as “Highbury” due to its location and was given the affectionate nickname of the “Home of Football” by the club.

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