Question: How Long Do Arsenal Tickets Take To Arrive?

How hard is it to get Arsenal tickets?

Whilst the best place to purchase Arsenal tickets is directly from the club box office at, the fixtures always sell-out and buying tickets directly is very difficult. The other option would be to purchase them through recommended ticket website in the secondary ticket market (listed below).

How long does it take for football tickets to arrive?

When will I receive my tickets? Tickets for football events are generally released by the clubs only the week leading up to the match. Suppliers try to get all tickets dispatched within 3-5 days prior to the event and you are advised by email when they are sent.

How do you get Arsenal tickets without being a member?

You don’t have to be a member of Arsenal to get a ticket for these games – you can go on line to and once the period of selling the tickets to members only is over, you can then buy a ticket on the club’s website.

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Do you need a membership to buy Arsenal tickets?

You have to be a member to buy tickets from club if not ticket master but you pay a lot more for this. If you get membership you can log on to arsenal ticket site and get tickets though ticket exchange hope this helps. over a year ago.

How many tickets can you buy with red membership Arsenal?

Ticket Rights As a Red Member you have access to 3,500 tickets for every full capacity Premier League game at Emirates Stadium, plus access to Ticket Exchange and a range of ticketing benefits.

How long is Arsenal waiting list?

How long is the Arsenal season ticket list? The answer is simple, around 11 years. This time last year, before the renewal date was announced, a friend of mine got in on the season ticket waiting list.

What is the best website for football Tickets?

Best sports ticket sites 2021

  1. SeatGeek: Best sports ticket site overall. (Image credit: SeatGeek)
  2. StubHub: Best sports ticket website experience. (Image credit: StubHub)
  3. Razorgator: Best value sports ticket site. (Image credit: Razorgator)
  4. Vivid Seats: Best reward scheme.
  5. Ticketmaster: Best customer guarantee.

What are Shortside Tickets?

– SHORT SIDE TICKETS (meaning that the tickets are located behind the goals, the short area of the stadium ).

Can you return football Tickets?

In the event that The FA reduces the intended capacity of the Match after the date that Tickets were on sale, The FA reserves the right to cancel your Ticket and provide a full refund of the ticket price paid (including any booking fee and related transaction charge).

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What is gold membership at Arsenal?

Gold membership includes all Premier League games and two further games for the 2021/22 season. Any further games that a Gold member wishes to attend will be required to pay for the tickets.

Can you use someone else’s season ticket arsenal?

Yes, season ticket holders will also have the facility to transfer other members’ tickets as long they have already been added to level two of your Arsenal Network.

How much is an Arsenal season ticket 2021?

Season Tickets on Club Level for Season 2021/22 start from £2,545* inc. VAT with the option to upgrade to seasonal dining.

What is purple membership at Arsenal?

Arsenal Football Club caters to all fans and includes a Purple Membership scheme for our disabled supporters. Facilities at Arsenal include viewing platforms as well as a dedicated supporters lounge.

How do I upgrade from red to silver at Arsenal?

You’ll be offered Silver Membership on leaving Cannon Membership depending on availability and your position on the waiting list. If it’s not available you’ll be offered Red Membership until the season a Silver Membership is available.

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