Often asked: Why Did Arsenal Play At Wembley 98/99 Season Of Champions League?

Why did Arsenal play European games at Wembley?

To benefit from increased revenue and higher attendances, Arsenal was granted permission from the Football Association and UEFA to host their home Champions League matches at Wembley Stadium.

Where did Arsenal win the league in 1998?

At Wembley Stadium, Arsenal beat Newcastle United 2–0 in the 1998 FA Cup Final to win the competition and complete a domestic double – the second in the club’s history and the first since 1970–71.

Who won the Community Shield in 1998?

Arsenal were last relegated in 1913 after finishing bottom of the table with 18 points from 38 games. They won just three games all season and lost 23 leaving them five points adrift of 19th-placed Notts County. Technically, The Arsenal have never been relegated, only Woolwich Arsenal.

Did Arsenal play home games at Wembley?

Arsenal did not always play their home matches at Highbury in the 93 years they were based there. More recently, Arsenal’s home UEFA Champions League matches in the 1998–99 and 1999–00 seasons were played at Wembley Stadium, as Highbury’s already limited capacity had to be reduced to accommodate advertising hoardings.

Who has the highest Community Shield?

Manchester United are the most successful team in the competition with 17 victories and four draws, followed by Arsenal with 15 wins and one draw, and Liverpool with 10 triumphs and 5 draws (8 outright wins, one shared).

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Who has the most Community Shield?

Manchester United hold the record for the most victories, winning the competition 21 times since its inception. They also hold the distinction of having the most appearances (30) and most losses (9).

Who won Charity Shield 2020?

Background. Arsenal won their 14th FA Cup title after beating Chelsea 2–1 in the final. Liverpool won their first Premier League title since the league’s formation in 1992, after rivals Manchester City lost 1–2 to Chelsea at Stamford Bridge on 25 June 2020.

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