Often asked: Players Who Played For Arsenal And Tottenham?

Who has managed both Arsenal and Tottenham?

Neill left Hull a year later to succeed Bill Nicholson as manager of Arsenal’s fiercest rivals, Tottenham Hotspur. He managed Spurs for two seasons, narrowly avoiding relegation in his first term.

What do Tottenham fans call Arsenal?

The resentment over Arsenal’s move to North London has led to Spurs fans continually referring to Arsenal as being from Woolwich to stress that Arsenal were from South London. The North London Derby is regarded as the fiercest rivalry between London clubs.

Where is William Gallas from?

Chelsea F.C. –Tottenham Hotspur F.C. rivalry – is a rivalry dating back to their first meeting in 1909, between West London Chelsea and North London Tottenham Hotspur. They’ve played each other just over 160 times.

Why did Arsenal move to north London?

Arsenal Football Club was founded in 1886 as a munition workers’ team from Woolwich, then in Kent, now southeast London. They were bought out by Sir Henry Norris that year and to improve the club’s financial standing, he moved the team to Arsenal Stadium, Highbury, north London in 1913.

Who is Tottenham’s current goalkeeper?

Demography. A claim made by MP David Lammy in 2011, indicated that at that time Tottenham had the highest unemployment rate in London and the eighth highest in the United Kingdom, and it had some of the highest poverty rates within the country.

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What spurs nickname?

rivalries. html. – West Ham United. These London Clubs are literally known as Chelsea’s biggest rivals because they are all from the same city.

Why did Gallas leave Arsenal?

It proved to be his last game for Arsenal—after talks over a new contract failed, Gallas left the club over the summer as a free agent having made a total of 142 appearances and scoring 17 goals for the club.

What is Gallas?

Galla. (ˈɡælə) npl -las or -la. 1. ( Peoples) a member of a tall dark-skinned people inhabiting Somalia and SE Ethiopia.

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