Often asked: How Old Is Claude From Arsenal Fan Tv?

How did Claude Arsenal fan TV?

Claude Callegari’s family confirmed that the Arsenal fan died of natural causes. The 58-year-old passed away suddenly on Monday, sending shockwaves through the online football community. Callegari was a regular favourite on AFTV – previously known as Arsenal Fan TV.

What killed Claude?

Claude, who was was a regular on the popular YouTube channel AFTV before leaving his role last year, tragically died of natural causes aged 58. Claude was long-time regular on AFTV, which was founded in 2012, along with DT, Ty and presenter Robbie Lyle.

Is Claude Callegari dead?

Robbie Lyle, aka Don Robbie, the founder of Arsenal Fan TV, has become an online viral sensation and a meme of his own. But how did someone go from taking a camera outside the Emirates Stadium interviewing disgruntled Arsenal fans for AFTV to getting 1.083 billion YouTube views and 1.5 million subscribers?

Why did Claude pass away?

The former Arsenal player Ian Wright paid tribute to him as did Arsenal. His family later confirmed he died of natural causes.

What does dying of natural causes mean?

It might not seem to mean much at all. But when a death certificate says a person’s death was “natural,” it is really ruling out the involvement of external causes. The person did not take their own life and they were not killed by somebody else or in an accident such as a car crash or drug overdose.

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What happened to Claude in Reign?

Claude died in childbirth in 1575 at the age of 27. Brantôme wrote that she “died in child-bed, through the appetite of an old midwife of Paris, a drunkard, in whom she had more faith than in any other.”

Is Claude Callegari Italian?

Mr Callegari was born in the Whittington hospital and grew up in Tollington Way, Archway, to Italian parents. He became an Arsenal supporter in 1968 and watched his first game at Highbury in 1972.

Where is Claude Callegari from?

Islington, London, United Kingdom

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