Often asked: Arsenal Player Who Broke His Leg?

Where is Eduardo da Silva now?

After retiring from the national team, Eduardo went on to play for Flamengo, Atletico Paranaense and Legia Warsaw. Now 36, he is back in Zagreb, the city he called home for almost 10 years after arriving from Rio de Janeiro as a 16-year-old, for the holidays and he sat down to chat with Sportske novosti.

Who broke Eduardo da Silva’s leg?

After all, it’s ten years to the day since he was told that he might never play football again. When Birmingham City defender Martin Taylor mistimed a challenge during a clash with Arsenal at St Andrew’s – Eduardo suffered a sickening leg break.

How long was Aaron Ramsey out for when he broke his leg?

“I don’t think he meant to break my leg, but it was a bit hard to take that he was playing again after a three-match ban, while I was out for nine months.” Ramsey says he harbours no resentment, but admits the pair have yet to speak.

How old is Eduardo Silva?

Eduardo was sidelined for almost a year because of his injury, which he suffered following a controversial challenge by Martin Taylor. There were concerns the psychological scars from the tackle had a negative impact on his game, which is thought to be one reason the Arsenal manager allowed him to leave.

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What happened to David Busst?

Having made over 50 appearances for the Sky Blues, he suffered a broken leg during a match with Manchester United in 1996 which ended his career. His injury is often considered as the most horrific in the history of the Premier League to date.

How did Luke Shaw break his leg?

The 23-year-old broke both his fibula and tibia in his right leg following a challenge from PSV defender Hector Moreno, which ruled him out of action for the rest of the season and has caused him numerous injury setbacks ever since.

How did Alan Smith break his leg?

John Arne Riise has recalled text message exchanges with Alan Smith after the Manchester United player suffered a sickening leg break in a 2006 clash with Liverpool. Smith blocked a powerful free-kick from Riise in the FA Cup clash at Anfield but suffered a broken leg and dislocated ankle after the ball struck him.

Who broke Aaron Ramsey?

It is almost exactly four years since Stoke’s Ryan Shawcross broke the leg of Arsenal’s Aaron Ramsey. On 27 February 2010, a reckless challenge saw Ramsey suffer fractures to both the fibula and tibia of his right leg. The incident damaged Shawcross’ reputation and threatened Ramsey’s career.

What was Aaron Ramsey injury?

A short statement from the Serie A club read: “Due to a muscular problem reported at the end of the match played against Udinese, Aaron Ramsey underwent diagnostic tests at J|Medical this morning, which revealed a low-grade injury to the adductor major muscle of the right thigh.

How old is Aaron Ramsey?

30 years (December 26, 1990)

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