How Many Goals Has Sanchez Scored For Arsenal?

How many goals did Alexis Sanchez scored for Manchester United?

All in all, he made 45 appearances for United, scoring five goals — just three of which came in the Premier League. Here are his highs and lows.

How much was Sanchez sold?

Adding up all the numbers, Sanchez cost Man Utd an incredible £66,420,840. The Premier League giants splashed out £34,973,710 on Sanchez prior to his loan move to Inter in September 2019, plus an additional £15,747,130 after he went to ply his trade at the San Siro.

Who does Sanchez play for now?

7 million EUR (2022)

How old is Lukaku?

28 years (May 13, 1993)

What is Alexis Sanchez rating?

Alexis Sánchez Rating is 80.

Does Sanchez regret leaving Arsenal?

Former Man United forward Alexis Sanchez has explained how he regretted moving to Old Trafford from Arsenal FC. Alexis Sanchez has admitted that he regretted joining Manchester United after his first training session and wanted to return to Arsenal.

Is Man U still paying Sanchez?

United will have given Sanchez his pay-off and the player has taken a pay cut. In making the move to Inter, Sanchez has got an extra year – whereas his contract at Old Trafford would have run out in 2022, his Inter deal lasts until 2023.

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Who bought Alexis Sanchez?

Alexis Sanchez joins Inter Milan on three-year deal from Manchester United. Manchester United forward Alexis Sanchez has left the club on a free transfer to join Inter Milan on a three-year deal.

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