How Many Games Did Arsenal Go Unbeaten?

How many games did Arsenal win in the unbeaten season?

After Arsenal became the only team to finish a 38-match season unbeaten, the Premier League commissioned a unique gold trophy to commemorate the achievement. Arsène Wenger was presented the trophy as a parting gift from the club after his last home game as manager on 6 May 2018.

What is the longest unbeaten run in the Premier League?

Here’s a look at five longest unbeaten away runs in Premier League history:

  • Arsenal – 27 games (April 2003 – October 2004)
  • Arsenal – 23 games (August 2001 – September 2002)
  • Liverpool – 21 games (January 2019 – February 2020)
  • Chelsea – 20 games (December 2007 – January 2009)

How many wins did Arsenal Invincibles get?

The 2003–04 season was the 106th in the history of Arsenal Football Club. It began on 1 July 2003 and concluded on 30 June 2004, with competitive matches played between August and May. The club ended the Premier League campaign as champions without a single defeat – a record of 26 wins and 12 draws.

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What year did Arsenal go unbeaten in the Premier League?

Arsenal’s go unbeaten for entire 2003-04 PL season During the 2003-04 Premier League season, Arsenal did not loss a league match on their way to the PL title.

Has any football team won every game in a season?

Since the National Football League began in 1920, only one team has played a perfect season (both regular season and playoffs): the 1972 Miami Dolphins, who won all fourteen of their regular season games and three postseason games, including Super Bowl VII, to finish the season 17–0–0.

Who broke Chelsea’s home unbeaten run?

2008: Liverpool end Chelsea’s home unbeaten run Back in 2008, Liverpool snapped Chelsea’s 86-match home unbeaten run in the Premier League with a 1-0 win at Stamford Bridge.

What football team has the longest unbeaten run?

Italy have set a new world record for longest international unbeaten run after a 0-0 draw against Switzerland on Sunday took them to 36 matches without defeat, eclipsing the previous mark shared by Brazil and Spain.

Which national team has the longest unbeaten run?

The victory means Italy are now unbeaten in 34 matches, their best ever run in international football, beating their previous best of 30, attained under the legendary manager Vittorio Pozzo. During this time Italy won their second FIFA World Cup title (1938) and also the 1936 Olympic gold.

Has Arsenal been relegated?

Arsenal were last relegated in 1913 after finishing bottom of the table with 18 points from 38 games. They won just three games all season and lost 23 leaving them five points adrift of 19th-placed Notts County. Technically, The Arsenal have never been relegated, only Woolwich Arsenal.

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How long did Arsenal go unbeaten?

What are the Invincibles? The Invincibles is the name given to the Arsenal team which won the 2003-04 Premier League. The reason for the nickname is that they went unbeaten in their 38 league matches. They won 26 games and drew 12.

Which teams have gone unbeaten in a season?

A look at other ‘invincible’ teams as Rangers finish Premiership season unbeaten

  • Preston (1888-89)
  • Celtic (1897-98)
  • Rangers (1898-99)
  • Steaua Bucharest (1987-89)
  • AC Milan (1991-92)
  • Arsenal (2003-04)
  • Rosenborg (2010)
  • Juventus (2011-12)

How much is the Premier League trophy?

As per multiple reports, the Premier League trophy value is worth $10,000, although an exact figure is unknown. As per the aforementioned figure, the title ranks ninth amongst the most expensive trophies in football, with the FIFA World Cup trophy topping the list with a whopping $20,000,000.

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