FAQ: What Happens If Arsenal Win The Europa League?

What happens if Arsenal win the Europa League 2021?

If a club win the UEFA Champions League or UEFA Europa League and finish in the top four, their qualification for the UCL through their league position is not transferred to another team. A maximum of five Premier League teams are eligible for UEFA Champions League qualification.

What happens if a team outside the top 4 wins the Europa League?

Arsenal and Chelsea are in the Europa League final and the winners will qualify for next season’s Champions League group stages. If the winners finish outside the top four in the Premier League (which is almost certainly the case for Arsenal), it will mean five English teams will be in the Champions League.

What happens to fourth place if Arsenal win Europa League?

Arsenal would go to the Champions League – but the team finishing fourth in the Premier League would be knocked down from the Champions League to the Europa League, along with the team that finishes fifth.

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What happens if you win the Europa Conference League?

What do the winners get? The winner will gain a place in the following season’s UEFA Europa League group stage if they have not qualified for the UEFA Champions League via their domestic competition.

Has Arsenal ever won a European trophy?

Arsenal F.C. are an English professional football club based in Holloway, North London. Arsenal has won two European honours: the Inter-Cities Fairs Cup in 1970 and the Cup Winners’ Cup in 1994 – the latter title recognised by the European confederation.

Can 7th place qualify for Europe?

So if the FA Cup winners finish in the top five, that means sixth place becomes another Europa League spot, and seventh place becomes the Europa Conference League spot.

Does 5th spot get Champions League?

The 5th UCL spot only becomes valid if the winners of this season’s UCL or UEL finish outside of the top 4 of the Premier League. If the winners of the FA Cup finish in the top 5 their UEL place will go to the 6th place team.

Can 6 English teams qualify for the Champions League?

The maximum any country can have playing in the Champions League is five.

Which English teams are in the Europa League 20 21?

Leicester and West Ham will be in the Europa League – along with Rangers and Celtic, who drop down after exiting the Champions League in the qualifying stages – while Tottenham will participate in the Europa Conference League.

Who will qualify for Champions League 2021?

Who has qualified for 2021/22 Champions League? The top four teams in England, Spain, Italy and Germany automatically reach the Champions League group stage. That is because those four nations are the highest ranked in UEFA’s club coefficient.

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What happens if Chelsea win Champions League and finish 4th?

Chelsea win the Champions League, but finish outside the top four. Chelsea would qualify for the Champions League, and England would have five teams in next season’s competition. The fourth place team in the Premier League would retain their qualification to the Champions League.

What do you get for winning the Europa Conference League?

Prize money For the 2021–22 season, group stage participation in the Europa Conference League awarded a base fee of €2,940,000. A victory in the group pays €500,000 and a draw €166,000. Also, each group winner earns €650,000 and each runner-up €325,000.

Who will qualify for the Europa Conference League from England?

Europa Conference League – England Qualifiers England will have one representative in the Europa Conference League: Carabao Cup winner of the previous season. The team who wins the EFL Cup will qualify for the following year’s UECL, entering at the play-off phase, the round before the group stages.

Who has TV rights to Europa League?

BT Sport will be the new UK home of UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League football, following an tender process in which BT won the exclusive live broadcast rights to all 350 matches from both tournaments.

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